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US Birth RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
US Marriage RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
US Death RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
US Census RecordsCensus
US Military RecordsMilitary
US Historical NewspapersHistorical
US Immigration RecordsImmigration
Guernsey Jeffersonian (Washington, Ohio)Newspapers
The early history of St. Louis and Missouri : from its first exploration by white men in 1673 to 1843Histories
Records of the descendants of Nathaniel Ely : the emigrant, who settled first in Newtown, now Cambridge, Mass., was one of theHistories
Montana, its story and biography : a history of aboriginal and territorial Montana and three decades of statehoodHistories
The Rock Smith family to the tenth generationHistories
History of Worcester in the War of the RebellionHistories
Biographical sketches of the Moody familyHistories
The history of Hamilton County and Chattanooga, TennesseeHistories
History of New Amsterdam, or, New York as it was in the days of the Dutch governors : together with papers on events connectedHistories
The anti-slavery movement in Kentucky, prior to 1850Histories
An account of the ancestors and descendants of John Lardner Clark and Sophia Marion RossHistories
Marriage records of Baltimore County, Maryland, for the period of 1823 to 1826Histories
Pioneer Irish of Onondaga (about 1776-1847)Histories
Days afield on Staten IslandHistories Logo
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Some of the databases available to users:
England & Wales, Birth IndexBirth, Marriage, & Death
England & Wales, Marriage IndexBirth, Marriage, & Death
England & Wales, Death IndexBirth, Marriage, & Death
UK Census CollectionCensus
UK Military RecordsMilitary
The Washington family and its Northamptonshire associationsHistories
The registers of the parish church of Croston in the County of LancasterHistories
1871 England CensusCensus
London Times, Deaths, 1982-1988Birth, Marriage, & Death
The history and antiquities of Hengrave, in SuffolkHistories
A dictionary of English and Welsh surnames Histories
History of the family of Sandys of Cumberland : afterwards of Furness in North Lancashire, and its branches in other parts of EHistories
England, Great Western Railway Magazine: 1838-1943Newspapers
Calendar of wills and administrations in the court of the archdeacon of Taunton : (parts I and II, wills only) 1537-1799Histories
Index to the Act books of the archbishops of Canterbury, 1663-1859Histories
Some account of the rise of the Society of Friends in Cornwood in Northumberland Histories
Lancashire, England: Parish and Probate RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
The registers of the Parish Church of Chorley, in the county of Lancaster, 1548-1653Histories
Dictionary of Biography and Mythology, Volume IHistories