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US Birth RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
US Marriage RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
US Death RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
US Census RecordsCensus
US Military RecordsMilitary
US Historical NewspapersHistorical
US Immigration RecordsImmigration
Louisiana City Parish IndexReference & Finding Aids
A genealogical history of the descendants of Peter White, of New Jersey, from 1670 : and of William White and Deborah Tilton, hHistories
A history of the Broaddus family : from the time of the settlement of the progenitor of the family in the United States down toHistories
The ancestry of Lydia Harmon, 1755-1836 : wife of Joseph Waterhouse of Standish, MaineHistories
Memoirs regarding the family of John Gilbert (1752-1829) : of Galway, Saratoga County, N.Y.Histories
The story of Godfrey NimsHistories
Record of the Hersey familyHistories
Joshua Gray of Yarmouth, Massachusetts and his descendantsHistories
Col. Jonathan Merriam and familyHistories
History of Rockford and Winnebago County, IllinoisHistories
The pioneers of Morgan County : memoirs of Noah J. MajorHistories
Captain Daniel Pepoon and Levina Philps, his first wife, Elizabeth James, his second wife : a partial record of their descendanHistories
A Meeting of the descendants of Ebenezer and Mary (Howard) Taft at the Chestnut Hill Meeting-house in Blackstone, Mass.Histories Logo
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Some of the databases available to users:
England & Wales, Birth IndexBirth, Marriage, & Death
England & Wales, Marriage IndexBirth, Marriage, & Death
England & Wales, Death IndexBirth, Marriage, & Death
UK Census CollectionCensus
UK Military RecordsMilitary
Cambridgeshire, England: Architecture and History of ChurchesHistories
Blythburgh Priory CartularyHistories
The early ecclesiastical history of Dewsbury in the West-Riding of the county of York Histories
A history of Ackworth School during its first hundred years Histories
British ArtistsHistories
Derbyshire History, Gazetteer, and Directory, 1857Directories
The register of all the christenings, marriages, and burials in the parish of St. Mary, Chislet : in the county of Kent, from tHistories
Sibton Abbey Cartularies and ChartersHistories
An index to Bills of privy signet, commonly called Signet bills, 1584 to 1596 and 1603 to 1624 : with a calendar of Writs of prHistories
London, England: Parish and Probate RecordsBirth, Marriage, & Death
England Commercial Directory, 1816-1817Directories
A calendar of the marriage licence allegations in the Registry of the Bishop of London : 1597 to 1700Histories
England, Southern Railway Magazine: Jan 1840 - Feb 1942Newspapers
A true register of all christeninges, mariages, and burialles in the parishe of St. James, Clarkenwell : from the yeare of Our Histories